We develop, market and distribute a range of top quality sunscreen, designed and specially formulated with specific sporting and outdoor environments in mind.

Skinalive’s stable of sunscreen brands have been tested and proven in New Zealand’s most extreme conditions, as well as abroad by international athletes.

Surfersskin Sunscreen:

An ultra performance water resistant sunscreen and is specifically designed for those who enjoy extreme surf conditions. Visit www.surfersskin.eu for more information on Surfersskin sunscreen.

Kidsskin Sunscreen:

A safe, effective, worry free Factor 50+ sunscreen made specifically for kids! Visit www.kidsskin.eu for more information on Kidsskin sunscreen.

Golfersskin Sunscreen:

An ultra performance sunscreen specifically developed for golfers. Visit www.golfersskin.eu for more information on Golfersskin sunscreen.

Snowskin Sunscreen:

An ultra performance sunscreen that is designed for use in extreme alpine conditions. Visit www.snowskin.eu for more information on Snowskin sunscreen.

Buildersskin Sunscreen:

An ultra performance sunscreen specifically designed for builders. Visit www.buildersskin.eu for more information on Buildersskin sunscreen.

Farmersskin Sunscreen:

An ultra performance sunscreen specifically developed for busy farmers. Visit www.farmersskin.eu for more information on Farmersskin sunscreen.

All of our brands are:

  • Tailored to you! Whatever your lifestyle.
  • High security: broad spectrum protection, protection against UVA and UVB rays, meaning skin stays safe!
  • Highly sweat resistant & highly water resistant.
  • Nasties free: no parabens, no paba, gluten free, anti-oxidant, non-allergenic.
  • Kind to skin: safe for all skin types, with healing and soothing aloe vera, manuka honey umf18+.
  • Bunny friendly: tested on people, not pets.